rebellecheersfleur asked:
I will be a senior next year and I'm interested in applying there. When I went on there website and viewed the admissions requirements it seems pretty idk how to explain it. Some people say it's hard to get into because you have to be an A+ student. Not just that but I'm from out of state and I don't know

GPA/Sat are core factors but other things are considered. If you don’t mind, what is your gpa at the moment because as of now they only look at 9-11

rebellecheersfleur asked:
UMD is the school I want to attend but I don't know since I'm from PA

It’s a really ranked school and awesome in many areas. Apply initially to see if you’re accepted and receive scholarships, then narrow your options down. Applications open in August! Definitely apply! Be sure to do early action for better consideration.

Anonymous asked:
I want to attend UMD but idk

I got on here just to help lol. Do you have any questions?


Azim Haidaryan
I was just thinking…

I’m really happy with the way thing’s are going in my life. School is keeping me busy, but I’m doing very well. My family is happy, which gives me peace of mind. I’m happy with who I am, which is all that really matters. I need to work on a few things, but other than that, things are looking really cool. 

I thank God, for everything. Jah bless!

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leayo, how the heck do you make bowties!

its magic lol